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Fly into space and play football: what surprised SPIEF 2016

SAINT PETERSBURG, June 18. / TASS /. Over a thousand companies took part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which completed its work on Saturday. Within the framework of the forum, 332 official agreements were signed in the amount of 1 trillion 24 million rubles.

Many companies, as well as leading media covering the event, were represented at the forum with their stands. One of the most visited was the TASS stand, where the visiting studio was located. For four days of work at the forum, the agency’s journalists took over 100 interviews and released several thousand news items. During the breaks, they managed to walk around the entire territory of the Expo Center and appreciate the creativity of other stands.


Roscosmos sent visitors to the stand into open space on a simulator. And here one could also see a real descent capsule of the Soyuz TMA-13 ​​spacecraft, a model of the promising Federation spacecraft, on which people may fly to the moon, and even a model of the Vostochny cosmodrome, which demonstrates all stages of a rocket launch. { {1}}

Last year, the Gazprom stand displayed the cups won in the Russian football championships (with Zenit) and ice hockey (SKA ). However, this year, both teams were unable to repeat the success. This time, the Gazprom stand offered only coffee and four types of water with gas.


The newspaper “Soviet Sport” posted on its stand several kicker tables. Table football was played here by politicians, journalists and businessmen.Only the famous football player Luis Figo, who spent the whole day at the stand, never had a chance to play this game, because numerous fans asked him for an autograph and a picture as a keepsake.


The Bud booth installed a luxury grandstand with cushions and a TV to broadcast football. Here one could drink non-alcoholic beer and try a hamburger. For real athletes, Bud has organized virtual football: you kick a virtual ball, score a goal into a virtual goal and get an incentive or consolation prize.


The best Russian Post is considered a good example to demonstrate the speed of delivery of letters and parcels. Therefore, each visitor to the forum right at the stand of “Russian Post” could pack his business portfolio of the participant in a cardboard box and send it to any part of the world absolutely free of charge. And here you could also take part in the charity project “Wood of Good” and subscribe to any children’s periodical for a school, boarding school or orphanage.

{{1} } KamAZ presented to the visitors the cab of the future for the comfort and safe work of truckers. This cabin, which will be commissioned in a few years, will have everything: a work area, a cooking area with a refrigerator, stove and folding table, a relaxation area, a dry closet, a shower and even a treadmill.


This year Italy became an honorary guest of the forum, therefore Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi took part in the official events.On the sidelines of the forum, an Italian courtyard and an Italian house flourished, where Italian companies interested in cooperation with Russia opened their offices. The Italians offered the forum guests a tasting of their best wines.


Internet retailer “Yulmart” presented a virtual fitting room at the stand. The buyer does not need to shout from the fitting room and run around the hall in search of the right size. You just need to choose the thing you like on a large mirror screen, the signal will go to the computer to the consultant, and in a few minutes he will deliver it for fitting.

{{1} } The Roscongress Foundation became the main organizer of the forum in St. Petersburg this year. The company’s employees at the Roscongress stand helped forum guests to book meeting rooms, treated them to ice cream and even organized live music concerts.


“Crimea is yours” the stand of the youngest Russian region greets visitors with the slogan. With the help of the investment portal, which is installed here, it is easy to invest in the development of Crimea: here you can choose a site for investment or offer your own, as well as register on the portal as an investor.

The best place for formal meetings in an informal setting is the site of the Leningrad Region.