Bonus and chic roulette strategies

It is impossible to accurately determine the time of the first roulette strategies. There is an opinion that they emerged along with the game itself. The fact is that it has always been typical for gamblers to look for a way to make winning easier. This contributed to the emergence of a variety of roulette strategies. One of them was called “Bonus”. If you have not yet found a good casino to play roulette and other games, use It has reviews of the best casinos, so it will be easy for you to make a decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of the roulette system “Bonus”

“Bonus” is ideal for fans of online roulette. The player will need 171 chips to apply this strategy. Such a solid resource promises significant winnings. In addition, there is no need to count the spins and closely monitor the game process. You should start with a bet of one chip per unit. Lose? Make the same bet for one and two. In case of losses, you need to consistently increase the number of variations up to 18. If the bet played at any of the stages, you can start again.

Features of this tactic

The above strategy is profitable to apply at minimum bets. This will significantly reduce possible losses. The advantage of “Bonus” is that one winning bet can cover the losses and bring it to the plus. Of course, a quick win will reduce costs, but even playing for a long time you can get out of deficit in one bet. The odds of the system are arranged so that at any stage the winnings cover the previous expenses. You can start betting from any sector. It is only important that the order of the bets corresponded to the described scheme.

Clear disadvantages of the system

There are no perfect strategies. For roulette games, this statement is especially true. What are the disadvantages of the “Bonus” system?

  • Lack of guarantee of the result. Any roulette strategy has this disadvantage;
  • Extremely high probability of losing all bets;
  • The system does not provide a clear moment when the player must stop. Consequently, applying the “Bonus” you should be able to stop the game in time, without going to high stakes.

Features of the “chic strategy” application

Almost every amateur roulette player uses different strategies to increase the probability of winning. Among the many tactical techniques there is the so-called “chic strategy”, which is excellent for beginners. It can be used as in the European version of the game, created by François Black and popular around the world, as well as in American roulette, which is characterized by the presence of the second zero, which increases the casino’s advantage.

What is the essence of this system?

All sectors are closed except zeros, 34,35 and 36. This requires 11 chips. Four of them close the first and second dozen. Two chips should be placed on sectors 25-30 and one on sectors 31-33.  Denomination chips depends on the player, but it is recommended to know the rules of the casino, so do not make the maximum bet. Be careful and do not risk large sums. 

Remember that no strategy does not guarantee a win. Defeat can wait for any player, because a lot in roulette depends on luck. Any strategy is not recommended to use for long distances. If you are overtaken by a losing streak or on the contrary got a good winnings, it is better to stop.

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